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Transfer Committee

The committee is a permanent and consultative body of the Centre paysan.  Its role is essential in the dissemination of activities of Le Centre paysan as well as attaining the proposed mission of information sharing and diffusion.  Presently the committee is working on 3 components:  Workshops/Training, Publishing and Accompaniment.  These 3 components correspond and link to the action plan of the Centre paysan. 



Coordinating and organizing workshop and training is the main focus and goal if we are to transmit and save the heritage knowledge and know-how of peasant and artisan work. 


It is our goal to ensure that the peasant and artisan knowledge and know-how is accessible through the creation of a virtual library.  This library will encompass multiple topics within the agroecological framework that has been established through the Centre paysan and Via Campesina.


The Centre paysan wishes do develop a accompaniment strategy that helps support the next generation of agroecology peasants and artisant to better apply them on the ground in their own projects and businesses. 

Accomplished mandates thus far

Our first mandate consisted of proposing a pay scale for our facilitators based on a split cost of coordination and the current value of their skill on the marketplace. This mandate had a very specific goal to find the perfect financial amount between the cost of a workshop and the salary of the facilitator.  The committee thus analyzed the current workshop offers on the Quebec market within the fields of agroecology, permaculture and agriculture to get a well rounded perspective on cost, offer and need. 


The first mandate of the committee was completed and a clear cost analysis and proposal was created by the Centre paysan.  Our next 2 mandates are currently being worked on by the committee and consist of the following topics.  

  • Training and publication: Create an online index of the various subjects that are encompassed within peasant agroecology and permaculture. 

  • Publising: Propose and implement an online library that will house all the various publications that currently exist on the various subjects proposed by the board and the members. 

We are always looking for new members who are ready and willing to participate in our various committees.  We need enthusiastic members who have experience in agriculture, education, and agroecological sciences.  

General competencies : Ability to work in a group setting, good communicator, hard working, understanding of social media and communication tools (emails, videoconferencing tools, google drive, skype...) and has experience or knowledge about the agricultural sector.  

If you are interested please contact us at: