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Centre paysan

Le Centre paysan is a solidarity cooperative that is part of the international network of agroecology schools that stem and are inspired by La Via Campesina.

Our model : Peasant agroecology

As a solidarity cooperative, Le Centre paysan aims to collaborate and bring together the many people and organizations that work towards preserving and sharing traditional peasant and agricultural knowledge and know-how that would otherwise disappear from the collective consciousness. 

Our goal is to organize workshops and publish documents and articles from the various communities throughout Quebec.  The Centre paysan values these traditional, ancestral and local skills and works towards innovating and adapting them to our current social, cultural, climatic and agronomic contexts.


At the heart of our agroecological outlook, Le Centre paysan works for food sovereignty, social justice, the regeneration of our soils and the preservation of the diversity of our cultures.


« I participated in a garlic workshop with Bernard as well as one on raising chickens with Jean-Pierre, 2 facilitators who know their trade very well.  They were very good as transmitting their skill set in a way that I was able to understand, helping me to be able to incorporate their knowledge into my skill sets.  The teaching methodology was hands on teaching and  very open knowledge sharing was it a special and precious experience for me!  Thank you! »

– Mijanou Dubuc, peasant in training, Centre paysan and Union paysanne member



Workshops and trainings are  key elements in the transmission and preservation of knowledge and know how from artisans and peasants.


To make the various skills and knowledge available to everyone, Le Centre paysan wishes to create a virtual library that brings together all the various skill sets into one place. 


We wish to develop mentorship initiatives that partner peasants with the next generation of agroecologists, peasants and trainers.  We need this transmission of hands on skills to reach the next generations and preserve them from the ground up.