Coopérative Solidarité - L'art de Cultiver l'agroécologie

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107 ch du pinacle Frelighsburg Qc, J0J 1C0

Our mission

As an agroecology school, it is our mission to preserve and share peasant and artisanal knowledge and know-how, be it traditional or modern.

​We strive to make all our workshops accessible to members in all regions of our province, with a particular focus on rural areas.  We encourage and support peasant and artisanal work outside of the big urban centers and wish to contribute to the revitalization of the already dynamic and vibrant rural communities.

​As agroecology is at the heart of our approach and cooperative, we encourage the use of  holistic approaches to learning that are in harmony with local and intact ecosystems.  The peasant to peasant methodology allows for horizontal information sharing of knowledge, dismantling the traditional top down learning structures.  We believe that we do not need to destroy our natural environment to feed ourselves, build our homes and make our livings and therefore propose and put forth solutions that come from the agroecological frameworks and communities.

It is our mission to continue to support the agroecological community to develop their knowledge and know-how and to determine their own food sovereignty be they local, provincial, national and international.