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Board of Directors

If you are interested in organizational management and are interested in our board of directors, please do not hesitate do contact us at

We are always open to support and project proposals so don't be shy and share with us your interests!

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Do you have a particular knowledge or know-how that you just can't wait to share with our members?  Are you bursting at the seams with ways to improve our agroecological and permaculture workshop offers.  We are looking for you!  We need your skill set and want to offer it to the public and our members.  Please write us at to let us know about your interests and skill set.  

Farm support

We are looking for farms across Quebec that would like to share their spaces (halls, barns, farming installations, bathrooms) with us.  Our strength as a cooperative is only as strong as the members and partners that work with us so please contact us as and let us know.  Partner farms also receive membership as a token of appreciation of your support and collaboration.  

Farm partners 

Farm partners are farms that wish to work with the Centre paysan and so with a long term vision to train the next generation of agroecological farmers.  

These farms may:

  • Participate in the creation of mentorship programs that help to create spaces for farmers to train the next generation of farmer;

  • Host trainees within the mentorship program for up to 6 months on their farm within;

  • Teacher of house workshops;

  • Help to develop a stronger network of partner farms.

Write to us! 

Transfer Committee

If peasant and agroecological training speaks to you, we want your help:

  • To establish an index on multiple and diverse subject that relate to agroecology, permaculture, peasantry knowledge and know-how. (Publication and Workshops)

  • Help propose different online models for Le Centre paysans virtual library (Publication).

We are always looking for new members to get involed in our committees.  If you have experience in agriculture, education, communications and agroecological sciences, we would love to hear from you!



Delegates are given the task of representing the Centre paysan during our workshops.


They ensure that the workshop is well organized on site, that the facilitator has everything that they need and that the participants are fully aware of the work that we do at the Centre Paysan. 

The delegate also registers new members, takes pictures at the event and writes up a small description of the workshop for the monthly newsletter. 

If you are interested in becoming a delegate, please contact us at: for more information.

Did we mention that the delegate does not pay for their workshop!