Coopérative Solidarité - L'art de Cultiver l'agroécologie

Via Campesina
Union Paysanne
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107 ch du pinacle Frelighsburg Qc, J0J 1C0

Acroecology school

The Centre paysan is part of an international network of agroecolgy schools started and inspired by la Via Campesina movements and is based on a peasant to peasant know how and knolwedge  exchange

Solidarity cooperative

We are based on the solidarity cooperative model  and we thrive because of our membership base

Artisinal and peasant

know how

It is our mission to give to our members, professionals, as well as the greater pubic, access to peasant and artisinal knowledge and know how.

Food Sovereignty and self-sufficiency

Helping our membership to become self-sustainable and food sovereign is at the core of what we do.  We put our hearts into it.

Upcoming workshops

in May and June

The Centre paysan is looking for teachers and facilitators who wish to offer a workshop in 2018.  Are you interested or do you know of people who have experience in agroecology, can teach a course and have a passion for their skill?  We are looking for these skills to add to our programming and would love to hear more about your knowledge and know-how.  We are now open for project and workshop proposals and would like to see you amongst us in 2018.  If you are interested and want to share your skill with us, please fill out the following online survey and we will get back to you.  Let us help you share your knowledge!